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Our Mission

"Service Beyond Self"

Our mission is the protection and preservation of life and property for the people we serve. We are committed to doing so through providing quality cost-effective services in the areas of Fire Suppression, Public Education, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Responder/Medical Assist services

Service Area

AVFD Map.png

The Purpose of the Argyle Fire District is to provide fire prevention, fire protection, emergency medical first responder, and rescue response services to the residents, businesses and visitors that are within the geographical boundaries of the Argyle Fire District and to our neighboring fire departments thru automatic and mutual aid agreements. Also, to acquire and maintain fire protection, firefighting, rescue, medical, other Emergency equipment and required storage and housing facilities.
The Argyle Fire District operates under the authority of Chapters 189 and 191, 2006-354 Florida Statutes And have all other powers Stated in Florida Statutes necessary to carry out these purposes.

Services provided by the Argyle Fire District are by a dedicated group of unpaid State Certified Firefighter’s and a team of highly trained support staff that are responsive to needs of the people we serve. 


Our services include but not limited to the following:


Fire Suppression and Extinguishment                             Fire Prevention Education

Vehicle Extrication                                                                    Fire Safety 

Rescue                                                                                           Public Education

First Responder Medical Service                                       Fire Extinguisher Training

Assistance for EMS                                                                  Public CPR Training

Medical Lift Assist                                                                    Residential Smoke Detector Installs

Storm And Disaster Response                                            911 Address Sign Installs

Hazmat Operations Level Response 

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