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Public Protection Classification Survey



The Argyle Fire District wishes to thank the State of Florida, OPPAGA, and this Joint Legislative Committee for giving us the opportunity to improve the District’s service to its constituents. We feel that all of the recommendations made within the report can and will be achieved and we are looking forward to improving the District during this 5 year period. Using the OPPAGA report as a guide, the Argyle Fire District Board has already taken a number of measures to bring the District into compliance and help propel the District into the future. We are attempting to utilize the multitude of resources available to us through various sources including the State Fire Marshal's Office, other local Special Districts, and the various departments within the State of Florida. It should be noted that the Florida Special Districts Handbook has been an invaluable resource as we go through this process, especially as it pertains to the website requirements. 


The Argyle Fire District Board along with the Fire Chief have taken important steps to build a better framework within the administration of the District and its important functions. We are in the process of drafting by-laws to govern the board and codify important items, many addressed in the OPPAGA report, such as budgeting including timelines to ensure auditing and reporting deadlines are met, personnel tracking, chain of command, and procedures to hold both Board and personnel accountable. We recognize this is just the start of a process but an important part of building that framework for success. We will be going through the process of strategic planning to identify goals and metrics for tracking progress over the next 5 years. This strategic plan will cover District administration as well as current and future service needs of the District. This will also involve a comprehensive look at the Operating Guidelines of the District to ensure they reflect the best most recent practices and ensure a high level of service for constituents. It will involve seeking input from the general public so they can help guide the future of the District. It is the intent of the district to institute a Code of Ethics to guide both the Board and personnel of the District in accordance with Ch. 112 FS as well as comply with the annual ethics training requirement of the State. 


We want to ensure that we are being fiscally responsible to the citizens of Argyle whilst providing a consistent, high level of care. It is our intent for there to be no doubt by area Fire Rescue agencies that the Volunteer Firefighters of the Argyle Fire District are highly trained and professional when on scene. We will continue to work with the other local agencies to build a strong working relationship based on trust. 


The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Argyle Fire District do not support the dissolution of the District. We think that the deficiencies identified in the OPPAGA performance review audit are an opportunity to make our organization stronger and will put the District in a better place to serve our residents. It is our goal to ensure that in 5 years we will show a measured improvement and become a positive example for other special fire districts throughout the state. 

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