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Board of Fire Commissioners

Meet your Elected Officials

Our Board of Fire Commissioners is an elected body of five members who are charged with the business and affairs of the District. Fire Commissioners serve a term of four years. All Board meetings are held the second Monday of every month at Station 91/Headquarters.

Mary Lynn Touchton

Argyle FD Board Commissioner / Seat 1 / Term 2022-2026
Argyle FD Board Commissioner / Seat 2 / 2023-2024

Troy M. Byers Jr.

Argyle FD Board Commissioner/ Seat 3 / Term 2022-2026

Larry Standland

Argyle FD Board Secretary-Treasurer / Seat 4 / Term 2016-2024

Steven Richardson

Argyle FD Board Chairman / Seat 5 / Term 2014-2024

Jeff Talbert

Qualifications and Responsibility’s of the Board Members of the Argyle Fire District


  • Reside within the District


  • Be an electable registered voter


  • Be Bondable


  • Be able to attend the majority of the meetings


  • The Commissioners must meet the needs of the District as both residents and taxpayers,

Considering the needs of the Department members and employees,


  • Commissioners , as a group , set  and approve policies , goals, and objectives for the

Members of the Department to implement and achieve,


  • Commissioners must assure that the District has adequate resources and that funds are responsibly spent,


  • Commissioners approve an annual budget which is submitted and administered by the members of the Department,


  • Commissioners must play an active role in supporting the Department and its members,


Argyle Fire District Commissioners, although permitted by Florida Statute, has elected not to receive compensation.

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